We heard some great news that a local group of flying enthusiasts are organizing a flying club here in Dumaguete and will soon introduce the Dumaguete Ultralight Aerial Adventure! This venture is aimed to allow the general public to see and feel for themselves the beauty of flying LOW and flying SLOW.

Ultralight aircrafts have the capability of taking one to the air at incredibly low altitudes (maximum 800 feet) at relatively low speed. This type of flying cannot be experienced on board an airliner or any general aviation aircraft. Experience the breathtaking views of the coastal line of Dumaguete at the same time watching the plains meet the foothills of the majestic Mt. Talinis!!!

Through the various Trial Introductory Flights that will soon be offered you can take the controls of the ultralight airplane and feel if you do belong in the air! Feel the wind blow on your face and experience the real freedom of flight.

Definitely this is one thing that should be added to your bucket list if you visit Dumaguete soon! If you ask us the question "What To Do In Dumaguete?" - then definitely we would say go and take a Trial Introductory Flight! Will it be one of the Top 10 Things To Do in Dumaguete? - a Resounding YES!

Whether you would like to pursue a career in aviation or just enjoy the scenic view from the top, the Trial Introductory Flights from the Dumaguete Blue Hawk Ultralight Aerial Adventure will definitely jumpstart that passion of yours.

Believe us, it is a NATURAL HIGH!

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  1. It’s very good news for me because I’m coming to Dumaguete city after my yellowstone bus tour. I’m very fond of traveling in aircrafts. If Dumaguete Ultralight Aerial Adventure is going to introduce then I must take a chance to see the breathtaking views of the coastal line of Dumaguete.

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  3. I'm interested. How to avail? Going to Dumaguete on 8/7?

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