Listed below are the TOP 10 Dumaguete City Tourist Attractions List (in random order) visited by local and foreign tourists in the year 2009 and 2010.

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Top 10 Dumaguete City Tourist Attractions List
A.) Dumaguete Boulevard
J.) Beaches in Dauin

Newest addition also to What To Do in Dumaguete (Top 10 Things to Do in Dumaguete) will be the Dumaguete Blue Hawk Aerial Adventure which will be flying pretty soon! Click on the link for more info!

A.) Dumaguete Boulevard

The Dumaguete Boulevard or the Rizal Boulevard was named after the Philippine’s National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Dr. Jose Rizal while on his way to his exile in Dapitan, passed by Dumaguete City and strolled along its beautiful and serene shores. This is one of the most beautiful and most captivating landmarks in the city.

The picturesque Dumaguete Boulevard

(thanks to tommy for some of the pics)
Tempura Lane at night
Picturesque view of the Pier from the Boulevard

Stroll along the shoreline by day and eat tempura or balot at night, the Rizal Boulevard is definitely a MUST SEE IN DUMAGUETE!

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Silliman University was founded in 1901 by Dr. David Sutherland Hibbard and Laura Crooks Hibbard through a generous donation of $10,000.00 from an American philanthropist, Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman. Silliman University is the first and oldest American university in the Philippines. Some famous landmarks in the university are

2.) Silliman Portals – The portals are the official insignia of the university. There are a lot of portals within the campus which represent different gateways to life. Some of them are: a.) the Gates of Opportunity; b.) the Gates of Knoweldge; and c.) the Gates of Service.

3.) Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium – this 900-seater auditorium is the bastion for Culture and the Arts in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Its architectural marvel is acknowledged all over the Philippines and also around the world. The Luce Auditorium is also dubbed as the "CCP of the South".

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C.) Dumaguete Belfry Tower

According to legend, "Dumaguete" was coined from the word "Daguit", meaning "to snatch". This term was given because of the frequent marauding attacks of Muslim pirates on the coastal town. It was said that the pirates not only would siege and rob the town but they too would snatch the beautiful women from its shores. Thus, the Dumaguete belfry was built in 1811 to warn the locals of incoming attacks. Today, the belfry still stands proud amidst the modern buildings surrounding it. It is a remnant of Dumaguete's past to remind today's generation of how Dumaguete stands at present with the help of the tower.

The Dumaguete Belfry

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D.) Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary is considered to be one of the best dive spots in the world. It is the home of more than two-thirds of the worlds known coral species. Because of the vastness of its marine resources, Apo island has been protected as a fish sanctuary since 1982.
Only a 30-minute "bangka" (small boat in the Philippines) ride from Zamboangita, a town approximately 20Km south of Dumaguete.

Apo island rock formation

Few of the many species in Apo

Need more info in getting to Apo Island? (Click here)

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E.) Bais Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar
Forty-five km from Dumaguete City is Bais City. An approximated 45-minute drive going north will bring you to Capiñahan Wharf, the jump-off point for the motor boat ride to Tañon strait. Tañon strait is the home of a number of dolphin species including the famous spinner dolphins and occasionally some whale species (melon-headed whales).

The trip may end at the Manjuyod Sandbar, a crescent strip of white sand that appears when the tide is low.

Bais Dolphin Watching

Manjuyod Sandbar

There are 15 and 20-seater motor boats that are available at the wharf. You will have to make reservations before proceeding with your trip.

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F.) Lake Balinsasayao
Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao.

A 30 to 45-minute drive down south, will take you to the town of Siaton, which is probably the biggest town of Negros Oriental in terms of land area. Balanan Lake is located in Baranggay Sandulot, Siaton which is 10 Kms. from the Highway up west. The road towards the lake is patched with paved cement and rough terrain. However, you will encounter more of the rough road than the paved cement. So take a pee first before ascending towards the lake to enjoy the picturesque view of the "Cuernos de Negros". But all of the bumps are worthwhile when you reach Lake Balanan because it is truly breath taking. The hotel, restaurant, tree house and swimming pool are available for you to enjoy the whole day in this beautiful place.

First view of Lake Balanan

Boating at Lake Balanan

Falls at Lake Balanan

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  1. im so happy to have ran over this site.
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  2. Thanks to this fantastic guide! Would really love to should you have any good review or list in Dumaguete lodging.

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  3. Hi Rhocela and Danzo, We are glad you found the site very useful. Actually, we havent updated this one for quite some time already because of some things. But we will be updating this pretty soon! I hope you can share this info with your friends.


  4. Hello! We are planning to visit dumaguete this coming August 25-29. Part of our Itinerary is to climb Mt. Talinis, so we will have August 27&29 for tours. Our dilemma is where/how to get contacts for a van rental (with tour if it's cheap) and for much will it cost us. I hope you can provide any information.


  5. Hello Elle..

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  6. Hello, I will be going to Dumaguete with 3 friends this November 29. Do you think it is still a good time to watch dolphins? also, may i have the contact person and contact number of the Tourism's office in Dumaguete?



  7. hi welski im afraid that the pump-boats will be dry docked during that time. Is your Nov 29 set already?

  8. hello.. my husband and i are planning to have vacation in dumaguete as side trip from bohol on january either 26 or 27th.. we are planning to go to apo island marine sanctuary & Bais Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar.. how much will this cost us all in all. thank you.. hoping for a response... btw here's my email add:

  9. Hi mam Joan! will PM you regarding the Dumaguete Tours that we have.. Do you have a Dumaguete Hotel already?

  10. what is your best dating place at dumaguete city? im planning to visit your place around January... thanks

  11. hoi looking for budget hotel in Dumaguete not Negros on April 28 1 night wife daughter myself a a short photo taking budget tour would be nice, we are taking ferry to Siquijor the 29th

  12. Hi thanks for your interest in Dumaguete. Well there are a lot of budget Dumaguete Hotels. We can refer you to Harolds Place, One Bethany Place or Casa Demonteverde. Please Check our Dumaguete Hotels page. Thanks and see you!

  13. hi we'll be visiting dumaguete on aug can you pls suggest sights to see, hotels, adventre trip on a 4day 3 nights tour. if possible pls include budget thanks

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    We are planning to have Day Tour in Bohol (or Siquijor)on Oct 6 whichever is possible and the rest of the days will be in Dumaguete.
    I bohol, we would like visit specifically the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers, Hanging Bridge and Lunch by cruise. No idea yet if we are to be in Siquijor? Could send me quotation for this?

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  16. hi, i would like to inquire if how much is per head for the dolphin watching and is there a fee for the apo marine sanctuary? if yes much much is per head? for children and adults? regarding the van rentals, i would also like to ask the rate. thank you

  17. hi, i love to travel to dumaguete city, i wish i could always get thier,technically i love thier place such silliman campus and thier boulevard..

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  22. Hello can i get your tour package and itinerary for dumaguete ans siquijor? Pls email me asap

  23. one of the beaches in dumaguete city that i like is this cove sands beach resort.. it was said to be formerly called monarch sands beach resort.. this is their website

  24. Dumaguete city is a beautiful place It impresses me so much towards itself. Infect I am a traveler and I love to go on unique places which are new to me. I will like to go to this city also in my business vacation of this year.

  25. Hi we are planning to visit this holy week in Dumaguete.
    What are the things we can do on our stay there?

  26. Hi I am planning to visit Dumaguete in May or June. How can I possibly visit Siliman University campus? Thanks . . .

  27. just tell guards that you want to tour around silliman.some ask for ids but most of the time,they just let you in.

  28. halu, we r planning to have our summer escapade in dgte.after election,ds package tour s d best for us but we just want to know how much ds tour cost per head nd wl it take only for a day?

  29. Good afternoon!

    My brother and I will visit Dumaguete and Siquijor on May 24-27, Sandbar-Manjuyud is also part of our itinerary, anyone can help how to get there from dumaguete airport or pier? And also how much will it cost? Thanks in advance! :)

  30. Is this still updated. Got plans to visit duma next month. hope you can help! thanks

  31. Dumaguete has lots of great thing to offer to all tourists who wanted both serenity and adventure. Some of the tourist spots in Dumaguete are its fine beaches and historical monuments that captures every tourists hearts.

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  34. Hi please let us know what would be best for a 4d/3n stay at dumaguete. We are a grp of 3 adults and 1 infant. Will be going there in november

  35. Dumaguete City has lots to offer. For example:

    If you are someone who wants to sweat it out and is trying to find a gym, try World Fitness Gym & Fitness Center.

    Also, you may want to try and check out APO ISLAND. Here you can literally see turtles just floating and walking near the shore.

    Hope you'll enjoy Negros. See yah! :)

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    Do you still offer tour? I sent an e-mail last Nov 20, 2014. Hope you could advise your quotation.

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  40. This site is indeed very helpful as I will spend my 2-week vacation in Dumaguete City in March 2016. I am wondering if the whale watching has a particular month or week viewing. I remember in December 2006, oh boy, too long ago eh, the wharf was closed. Is whale watching up and running in the 3rd & 4th weeks of March? - Jungjong Ramirez

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