The then sleepy university town of Dumaguete has always been powered by the "Pedicab". The term "pedicab" which we locals here in Dumaguete often call our primary means of transportation, is actually a misnomer. Pedicab should actually be pedal-powered! We, the relatively newer generation of Dumaguetenos often ask the same question that you might be asking right now, if its not pedal-powered then why call it a pedicab? Well, our grandparents told us that when Dumaguete changed from being bisikleta-powered to motorcycle-powered they simply were just so used to calling this transportation as "Pedicab".

Dumaguete Pedicab

At the start of the 21st century when the primary public transportation of cities around the world were fast evolving, it was just the time when the taxi was introduced to this quaint and beautiful city. But the taxi system introduced here in Dumaguete is not so much like in the major cities in the Philippines. Taxis here are usually seen at the airport and are not metered. The system is more like that of the Rent-a-car. Dumaguetenos predicted it already that the taxi system in Cebu or Manila will never flourish here. Why? Well, because the city's land area is not that vast yet. If you want to go to one place you can simply hail a Pedicab, and with the right fare (which starts at P8.00), the manong driver will take you there!

A child takes a ride in Dumaguete's premiere transport system - Pedicab

A group of students cruises with ease inside a pedicab

A pedicab speeds through one of the busy streets of Dumaguete. Who says our pedicab can't run that fast?

Never underestimate this sleek but ultra powerful means of transportation. If the taxi can fit 5 people in one trip, the Pedicab could easily do the same. But then the design of this robust vehicle can pack more than what you expected! Although, in the city proper this is not permitted, you would often see these daredevils in nearby municipal roads. We usually call this over-stuffed cabs - "Habal-Habal". Well at this level the taxi could never beat our Pedicab! Squeezing around 9 people into the cab while taking cargo at the back and at the top. Now, I think you would agree with me if I'd call it "The Almighty Pedicab"!

The Almighty Pedicab that can incredibly squeeze in a lot of cargo!

Thanks to the world-renowned photographer, Hersley Casero, for the beautiful pics! You can check his site at Hersley also has a lot of pics published around the globe already.

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